How flexible is the regime created by the Law of the Sea Convention? (WP2)

This work package (WP2) is assigned to PhD researcher, Rozemarijn Roland Holst, who aims at assessing the degree of flexibility of the LOSC’s normative and institutional structure in accommodating the change of interests, and the emergence of new ones.

WP2 focuses on the question: can mechanisms for change in the LOSC accommodate the interaction of (emerging) interests within the law of the sea?

WP2 comprises of two main parts.

1: It addresses a conceptual and theoretical aspect, by focusing on the emergence and diversification of states’ interests in ocean use, and how these are in turn reflected in the evolution of legal rights and concepts. It analyses the Convention and the balance of interests it accommodates, and identifies various mechanisms for change therein.

2: It engages with an applied aspect, as it comprises of a number of case-studies of emerging marine activities that aim to illustrate the degree of flexibility in the legal framework governing particular activities.

Overview of Research