Research Sport and Society

Volleyballende meisjes

Given the significant growth in the societal and scholarly interest in sport, the focus area Sport & Society offers an unique opportunity to answer theoretical questions around co-creating public value. Such questions are relevant in various disciplines, such as sociology, psychology, pedagogy, anthropology, medicine, law, economics, governance and organizational studies, geography and veterinary medicine, and are rarely unidimensional but require attention from various disciplines working together rather than separately.

Sport & Society uses the characteristics, qualities and functions of sport as a vehicle to study the meanings and impact of sport and related activities such as games, fitness and play for a healthy, inclusive and secure society. Therefore, Sport & Society rather focuses on society than on sport itself and distinguishes itself from other sport research by a more theory driven, critical and interdisciplinary approach.

The focus area will be divided into three research lines:

  1. The meaning of sport for a healthy society;
  2. The meaning of sport for an inclusive society;
  3. The meaning of sport for a secure society.

By examining these social issues through the lens of sport, the focus area will strengthen and add vitality to all strategic UU themes, in particular ‘Institutions’, ‘Life sciences’ and ‘Dynamics of Youth’.