Research Sport and Society

Volleyballende meisjes

Sport & Society uses the characteristics, qualities and functions of sport as a vehicle to study the meanings and impact of sport and related activities such as games, fitness and play for a healthy, inclusive and secure society. Therefore, Sport & Society rather focuses on society than on sport itself and distinguishes itself from other sport research by a theory driven, critical and interdisciplinary approach. 

The key questions in our research are:

  • How and under what conditions do sport and exercise contribute to the health and resilience of vulnerable groups in an urban environment?
  • What is special about sport and exercise in this context and how do they relate to each other, both in terms of their mutual influence and their ability to create public values?
  • What are significant physical, technological, organizational and social contextual factors and how is it possible to use this in design and social interventions?

Our researched is aimed at scientific outputs, visibility and outreach at international academic fora, but also at feasible knowledge for policy makers, managers, practioners, etc.