EK Damesvoetbal 2017, Frank van Eekeren en Rutger de Kwaasteniet
14 July 2017
Frank van Eekeren and Rutger de Kwaasteniet on the impact of big sports events and the growth of women's football.
28 June 2017
Japanese and Dutch students join forces during a summer workshop on innovations to encourage physical activity in society.
Sprinten op het Utrecht Science Park
2 June 2017
New sprint facilities of 200 and 400 metres at Utrecht Science Park/De Uithof.
Report Card +
18 May 2017
A report card on disabled youth and chronically ill children was launched: a worldwide premiere.
13 April 2017
One of the areas of focus of Sport & Society are youth with chronic diseases or physical disabilities.
5 April 2017
Gathering of creative spirits that develop new ideas and innovations on Sports, Vitality and Active Lifestyles.
Maarten van Bottenburg
3 April 2017
Professor Maarten van Bottenburg, coordinator of Sport & Society, has accepted the prestigious Francqui Chair at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
Sport & Society network logo
16 March 2017
The release of the Dutch Physical Activity Report Card+ will take place during the national Fit Kids Day on May 12.
6 March 2017
Practicing football is popular among girls and women. Rutger de Kwaasteniet is appointed as PhD candidate to study this development.
Frank van Eekeren (Sport & Society) and prof. Andre Swart (University of Johannesburg)  signing a Memorandum of Understanding
30 January 2017
The main objective of this academic collaboration is the joint development of the Global Master's programme 'Sport for Development'.