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Sport and Society call seed money 2020-2022
12 November 2019
Sport & Society aims to subsidise research programmes investigating ‘criminal undermining of sport clubs’ and ‘risky play’.
Callibrating Inclusive Sporting Encounters
2 August 2019
Het ZonMw onderzoeksprogramma Sport en Bewegen heeft een subsidie toegekend gekregen.
GMP Visit school Geluksburg
27 May 2019
The universities of Johannesburg, Tsukuba and Utrecht would like to further develop this programme and make it structural and financially sustainable.
12 March 2019
The first batch of the Global Master’s Programme Sport for Development will be formally and festively concluded on March 20.
Michel van Slobbe: Onder Ons
20 February 2019
In his dissertation Michel van Slobbe shows what happens when the government enforces the integration of different groups through interventions in sport clubs.
Prof. dr. Aoju Chen. Foto: Ivar Pel
18 February 2019
Prof. Aoju Chen has been granted a Research IT innovation fund for developing an Automatic Analysis of Speech Prosody (AASP) tool.
Integriteit en Nederlandse voetbal
21 January 2019
An in-depth investigation into two incidents in Dutch football in which integrity was questioned in the media.
20 December 2018
Urban geographers Irina van Aalst en Kirsten Visser are researching if city's are still a good place to grow up in.
Twee meisjes schaatsen binnen op een ijsbaan
17 December 2018
The research was funded by Sport & Society and the paper is available now.
Power and truth in combat sports
8 November 2018
The MGr. Boymans Prize is an award for best dissertation in the field of physical education.