About us Sport and Society

Sport & Society was established as a focus area of Utrecht University in 2014. Utrecht University has played a unique, pioneering role in the development of scholarly research on sport in the Netherlands. The focus area Sport & Society builds on this tradition. Sport & Society uses the characteristics, qualities and functions of sport as a vehicle to study the meanings and impact of sport and related activities such as games, fitness and play for a healthy, inclusive and secure society. Therefore, Sport & Society rather focuses on society than on sport itself.

It is managed by a multidisciplinary group of renowned scientists divided over 6 faculties and it creates opportunities for unique forms of collaboration among faculties and research groups that focus on the sport context to explore theoretical and social issues. Sport & Society collaborates with academic partners from f.e. Eindhoven University of Technology and social partners such as KNVB, NOC*NSF, Johan Cruyff Foundation, NIZW, NIVEL, TNO and RIVM.