Utrecht Science Park-based research facilities and expertise centers will present themselves. Take the opportunity to meet facility managers and discuss possibilities for joint research. Presenters will be present during lunch/postersession, 12:35-14:00 hrs.

Presenting facilities/expertise centers (edition 2023):
- AI Labs, Faculty of Science and UMCU
- Bioinformatics courses
- Cell Microscopy Core, UMCU
- Centre for Cell Imaging, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
- Centre for Flow Cytometry, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
- Flow Cytometry Facility, Faculty of Science
- Future Food Utrecht
- High Performance Computing Facility (HPC)/Utrecht Bioinformatics Centre
- Lili's Proto Lab (new facility to design and fabricate prototypes)
- Metabolism Expertise Centre, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
- Netherlands Plant Eco-phenotyping Centre, Faculty of Science
- Open Access publishing
- PhD Course Centre
- Protein Research Center, Faculty of Science
- Science and impact
- Single Cell Discoveries
- UCyTOF - Imaging Mass Cytometry Facility, UMCU
- USEQ – Utrecht Sequencing Facility, UMCU
- Utrecht Holdings, Knowledge Transfer Office UU and UMCU