Global Education Hub

The Global Education Hub, initiated by TPI Utrecht and Peta UK, is a collaborative space for the exchange and co-creation of educational resources. Through this project, the Global Education Hub strives to advance animal-free education, emphasizing the significance of alternative and innovative models and the importance of unified efforts in shaping the future of education.

Individuals from 18 countries worldwide, spanning NGOs, governmental institutions, industry representatives, and academia, including both educators and students, joined the initiative. The diverse affiliation backgrounds of the group reflects a comprehensive spectrum of expertise and perspectives.

United by a common goal, the participants' joint efforts are directed towards the creation and diffusion of educational materials. Targeting both undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students, extending the utility of the educational resource to the broader academic community. Furthermore, the initiative extends its impact by developing educational resources for regulators, thereby aiming to transcend traditional boundaries. 

The Global Education Hub for animal-free innovation began with a hybrid two-day session on 29 and 30 November 2023. During this kick-off meeting the group collected impactful ideas, setting the groundwork for a position paper that articulates the vision, mission, and principles of the hub. Short-term and long-term goals were brainstormed, and working groups for various target audiences were established. The second meeting took place on 1 March 2024, during which the working groups formulated concrete action points. 

Currently the Global Education Hub for animal-free innovation is organized in four working groups: High School, Bachelors and Masters, PhD and Postdoc, Regulators and Funding. Each of these groups is working on developing and sharing educational material for their target audience, concurrently focusing on resource procurement and identifying specialized expertise required within their group.