TPI Utrecht: education and training

In this era of rapid technological advancement, the potential for animal-free innovation is vast and diverse. From cellular agriculture and organ-on-chip technologies to sophisticated computer simulations and advanced data analytics, the opportunities are boundless. Education serves as the platform to introduce these transformative technologies to the next generation and inspire them to apply these innovations ethically, responsibly, and effectively.

Education acts as the lynchpin, empowering individuals to rethink traditional practices, challenge norms, and actively participate in reshaping the future of industries without compromising the welfare of animals and the environment. By nurturing a generation of compassionate, forward-thinking minds, education lays the foundation for a world where innovation and ethical responsibility converge seamlessly.

Universities of the Netherlands (UNL) and the Dutch Federation of University Medical Centres (NFU) jointly presented om October 2022 a target for laboratory animal-free innovation in academic education.

Courses and programmes

The ambition of TPI Utrecht is to develop an organic programme, with bachelor and master's programmes / summer schools / PhD courses / continuing education.