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UMI Hub researcher Frank van Kuppeveld awarded ERC Advanced Grant

Professor Frank van Kuppeveld, at Utrecht University's, Faculty of Veterinary medicine, has been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant, the highest individual and most prestigious research grant awarded by the European Research Council. This grant is linked to a sum of EUR 2.5 million which he will use to investigate the replication of enteroviruses for the next five years. The ERC Advanced Grants are research grants that are awarded annually to exceptional senior researchers. 

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Utrecht University’s Hecklab visualises how the best antibodies to combat diseases can be found in our own bodies

This video was based on research findings published in Cell Systems 2021 (

Medicines of tomorrow - How the protein revolution is changing the future of medicine. Broadcast on Dutch tevelision (VPRO Tegenlight) Oct 31 2021
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Press conference Berend-Jan Bosch 14 May 2020

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