ADAPT Academy

Societies are increasingly plagued by crises: natural disasters, pandemics, economic recessions. Our future depends on the adaptability of our societies and governments. But how do societies adapt successfully and learn for the future? Little is known about this. This is surprising, as this knowledge is urgently needed. Especially now. In the ADAPT Academy, researchers from Utrecht University, Leiden University. Radboud University, Tilburg University and the University of Twente are working together to gather more knowledge and expertise on the adaptive capacity of societies in times of crisis.

In recent decades, many societies have experienced an alarming series of devastating disruptions. In the last two decades alone, a series of transnational 'mega-crises' such as the 9/11 attacks, the great financial meltdown of 2008 and the corona pandemic have profoundly affected the lives of many millions of people and disrupted their way of life. Societies have to prepare for more crisis-prone times and for a class of crises of which they have not had to deal with since the end of World War II. But how?

History shows that some societies can handle a crisis better than others. What explains this success? The ADAPT Academy, together with government leaders, frontline professionals and citizens, will create a permanent infrastructure to generate the knowledge, strategies, insights and tools that societies need to harness the adaptative capacity required to navigate current and future crises.


What does the ADAPT Academy do

The ADAPT Academy is part of the hub Security in Open Societies (SOS). Want to know more about this hub, check out the video below, or have a look at the website,