Pandemics, terrorism, and climate emergencies endanger not just safety and prosperity but also the core values of open societies – values such as civil liberties, equal opportunity, open enquiry, and solidarity. The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated how quickly even rich and well-organised societies can succumb to a disruptive force coming seemingly out of nowhere. In the Adapt Academy, researchers from Utrecht University, Leiden University. Radboud University, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the University of Twente are working together to gather more knowledge and expertise on the adaptive capacity of societies in times of crises.

Adapting to crisis

There is an urgent need for evidence-based insights that help societies to weather a crisis while protecting the core values of the open society. The Adapt! programme will radically advance the current state of the art with regard to knowledge, insights, tools, and strategies that boost the ability of citizens, frontline professionals, and policymakers to collectively weather crises. It will focus on three types of crises: pandemic-related crises, crises resulting from violent extremism, and natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes. Our distinctive contribution is to focus on the societal dimension of crisis response. This has been identified as a critical yet under-researched differentiator and a key area for understanding how communities may strengthen their ability to successfully deal with future crises.

Navigating crises

The Adapt Academy will become an international centre for the study of societal adaptation in the academic domain, drawing in talent and peer collaborations from around the world through joint studies, fellowships, and conferences. We will build upon our expertise in policy-relevant engagement to tie international, national, and local governments and large non-governmental organisations to the programme.


What does Adapt do?

The ADAPT Academy is part of the platform Security in Open Societies (SOS). Want to know more about this platform, check out the video below, or have a look at the website of Security in Open Societies.