Deepening our theoretical understanding of societal issues

The research conducted at the Ethics Institute involves the theoretical exploration of practical issues. The fundamental research of the Ethics Institute aims at the fundamental elements of human rights and the study of values such as autonomy, justice, wellbeing, sustainability, mutual recognition and human dignity. The applied research revolves around concrete, moral issues in economic and political instutions, healthcare, technology and in animal and environmental ethics. The methodology of education in the field of ethics and scientific integrity are spearpoints in the Ethic Institute's research and education.

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What distinguishes the Ethics Institute is its multidisciplinary approach: our expertise encompasses all of the disciplines within practical philosophy (meta-ethics, applied ethics, social and political philosophy, philosophical anthropology and aesthetics). Philosophical insights into practical issues are studied in conjunction with the relevant knowledge from other disciplines, such as economics, law, psychology, history, art history and veterinary and human medicine.

Themes and focus areas

Our research into the ethics of institutions makes an important contribution to the university’s strategic theme Institutions for Open Societies. We also contribute to the research focus area Cultures, Citizenship and Human Rights.