Sustainable futures

What changes in our beliefs, behaviours and organisation of society are needed in order to make the transition towards a sustainable future?

Environmental catastrophe and social inequality result in large part from the failings of current political, social, and economic institutions. Yet contemporary societies also display forms of moral progress, from the establishment of universal suffrage to the protection of animal rights. Researchers working within this theme examine what moral agency and moral improvement entail, and what institutional scaffolding is needed to promote sustainable futures.

Theme coordinator: Jamie Draper.

Ethics Institute – Sustainable futures

Some key publications within this theme

Below is a list of some key publications by our researchers within this theme. Full publication lists can be found through individual researchers' staff pages.

Work with external organisations within this theme

We regularly work with external organisations, such as NGO's, ministries and municipalities, for whom we develop training sessions, ethical advisory reports and the like.

Societal engagement within this theme

We regularly take part in activities aimed at a broader audience, such as podcasts, op-eds or talks at festivals such as Brainwash and Betweter. We host a regular Philosophy Café (usually in Dutch). Each year, together with Studium Generale, we organise the Utrecht Day of Philosophy.