Justice, democracy and wealth

Can citizens still relate to each other as equals in a democracy in the face of strong injustices?

Justice in a democratic society requires that people treat each other as free and equal citizens. Yet the viability of this ideal is endangered by pervasive structures of domination and injustice along lines of class, gender, and race. These structures extend from the operation of national bureaucracies to corporate control over global markets. Researchers working within this theme aim to rethink justice and democracy against the backdrop of sharp asymmetries of political, economic and cultural forms of power.

Theme coordinator: Yara Al Salman.

Some key publications within this theme

Below is a list of some key publications by our researchers within this theme. Full publication lists can be found through individual researchers' staff pages.

Work with external organisations within this theme

We regularly work with external organisations, for whom we develop training sessions, ethical advisory reports and the like. Examples within this theme will follow shortly.

Societal engagement within this theme

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