Information for schools

Het gebruik van smartphones op school

Often, schools have a hard time dealing with the use of smartphones during school hours and teaching young people about media so they can go online in a sensible and unproblematic way.

In order to gain a better understanding of these kinds of issues, we try to collect as much information as possible at primary and secondary schools in the Netherlands. Because the media use of young people is rapidly developing and constantly changing, we want to update our data regularly in order to make sure that we stay up to date and that we obtain insight into the long-term developments.

If your school also wants to participate in this research and/or if you need recent scientific insights that could help you to inform parents and teachers about social media use and gaming among young people, please contact us. All participating schools receive a school report which consists of the most recent data. We could also come to your school and present our findings to teachers and/or parents.