Among whom?

Smartphonegebruik door jongeren

Adolescents (secondary school)

A varying number of secondary schools participate in the project; at these schools, we approach young people between 12 and 16 years old. They complete an online questionnaire every year, including questions about their active and passive use of all kinds of social media (including social media use via the smartphone) and playing games, about aspects of psychosocial well-being such as self-confidence, but also about concentration and hyperactivity. In 2015, approximately 700 pupils participated in the study. This figure rose to approximately 1,950 pupils in 2016, while more than 2,700 pupils completed the online questionnaire in 2017.

Kinderen met tablet

Children (primary school)

Recently, we also conducted questionnaires among pupils in grade 7 and 8 of primary school and all parents of this primary school. Here, too, questions were asked about the social media use and gaming of the children. In addition, parents were asked how they experience and deal with this situation. The results of this first study showed that children and parents experience the online behaviour of children and the parenting behaviour very differently. In future, more research will be done among pupils in primary education.