Data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have become an inseparable part of our lives and play an increasingly important role across all seven faculties, four strategic themes and the ten focus areas of Utrecht University. These technologies have wide-ranging applicability and are found in all facets of society. Data science and AI play a crucial role in addressing societal challenges in numerous domains.

At Utrecht University, our commitment is to responsibly harness the potential of data science and AI, ensuring they contribute to solving societal problems while embracing multidisciplinary perspectives. Our educational programs focus on training individuals in the responsible use and development of data science and AI. Our research builds upon a strong foundation and actively tackles real-world societal issues. Both education and research rely on robust and FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) infrastructure and support.

We are equipping the next generation with the skills to shape the smart and responsible systems of tomorrow.

As a broad classical university, Utrecht University takes diverse approaches to develop and responsibly implement data science and AI, emphasizing transparency, confidentiality, reliability, accuracy, inclusivity, and FAIR principles. With a commitment to creating societal value and fostering cross-border collaborations, Utrecht University possesses great potential for innovative and impactful research in the field of data science and AI. Our educational offerings provide attractive and relevant programs, further contributing to societal impact through research and education.

Utrecht University leverages the potential of data in various domains and equips students and professionals with the skills for effective and safe data utilization. We employ AI to enhance our understanding of the world, developing transparent and responsible systems that align with our values. We explore innovative approaches to regulate emerging technologies and prioritize the development of people-oriented systems. Furthermore, we remain vigilant to prevent harmful advancements or misuse of technology. Inclusive AI is a defining characteristic or our research and education, fostered through interdisciplinary collaboration.

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