Health psychology: self-regulation

'Health psychology: self-regulation' is one of the 'Research programmes' of the Research priority 'Behaviour in Social Context' of the faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences.

On psychological processes surrounding self-regulation

It's something nearly everyone encounters at some time or other: you have a plan to reach a long-term goal, but distractions, temptations and frustrations get in the way. This is known as a self-regulation conflict. In our SelfRegulation Lab we investigate the fundamental psychological processes that play a role in this; we also examine how contextual and personal factors influence self-regulation processes. This involves aspects including:

  • environmental factors
  • social norms
  • personal disposition
Why do we sometimes eat more than is good for us?

Research themes

  • health behaviour (emphasis on eating habits)
  • consumer behaviour

These are prototypical areas where self regulation plays an important role. Our aim is to gain an in-depth understanding of the psychological processes that determine whether processes of self regulation will be successful or not. We also use our theoretical insights to develop interventions aimed at improving self regulation.

Programme leader