The Mega Meta project: Substance use, anxiety and depression

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The Center for Urban Mental Health at the AMC is cooperating with ASReview for an enormous, systematic review and meta-analysis (> 165.046 hits)  to find out what factors and interaction of factors contribute to the onset, maintenance, and relapse of anxiety-, depressive-, and substance use disorders. 

Some highlights:

  • A team of 7 students and researchers screened 11.571 papers in a period of only 5 months!
  • ASReview ran via a server so that everyone could screen at the same time.
  • A part of the literature was also screened using a 17-layer CNN model developed by a former student of the master Applied Data Science, which is pretty cool!
  • For post-processing the results hundreds of lines of code were written: DOI-retrieval, deduplication, merging different files – you name it.
  • The next and ongoing step is data extraction to run some amazing meta-analysis.

All codebooks, search strings, scripts, and much more is published so that anyone can benefit from the work.

People involved