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ASReviews' Makita (MAKIT Automatic) is a workflow generator for simulation studies using the command line interface of ASReview LAB. Makita can be used to effortlessly generate the framework and code for your simulation study.

A simulation involves mimicking the screening process for a systematic review of a human in interaction with an Active learning model (i.e., a combination of a feature extractor, classifier, balancing method, and a query strategy). The simulation reenacts the screening process as if a researcher were using active learning. The performance of one or multiple model(s) can then be measured by performance metrics, such as the Work Saved over Sampling, recall at a given point in the screening process, or the average time to discover a relevant record.

Using Makita templates, different study structures can be generated to fit the needs of your very own study. If your study requires a unique template, you can create a new one and use it instead.

With ASReview LAB, you can simulate with the web interface, the Python API, or the Command Line Interface (CLI). Makita makes use of the CLI.

What Makita does:

  • Setting up a workflow for running a large-scale simulation study
  • Preparing a Github repository
  • Automating the many lines of code needed
  • Creating a batch script for running the simulation study with just one line of code
  • Making your research fully reproducible
  • Allowing you to add templates to accommodate your own specific research question

What Makita does not do:

  • Executing jobs or tasks itself
  • Being a black-box
  • Writing your paper
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