Selection guide

If you want to talk to someone at Utrecht University (UU) in confidence, it can sometimes be difficult to find the best person to help you. Use this selection guide to find out who you can approach in which situation and what you can expect. Having doubts? Situations are not always easy to interpret. Please don’t hesitate to contact us anyway. You will always be helped. If someone else is in a better position to help you, you will be guided to the right person. 

Situation or inappropriate behaviour in personal contact

Is (sexual) harassment occurring in the study or working environment, for example, or do you feel discriminated against or bullied? Inappropriate behaviour can also include annoying jokes, excluding people, racist comments in WhatsApp groups, sexually oriented comments in lectures or in the working environment, sending sexually oriented photos, bullying behaviour, intimidating behaviour (both physical and verbal), gossip, etc.

I want to talk to someone about inappropriate behaviour

Employee: Personnel or ombuds-related matters

Are you an employee at UU and do you have a concern about a work-related matter? For example about assessments, career moves, the relationship with your manager, working conditions, cooperation with colleagues, appointments and contracts, or other work-related topics.

I want to talk to someone about personnel-related matters

Student: A complaint about facilities or a staff member

Are you a student and do you want to file a complaint about facilities or a staff member. Examples include non-compliance with the curriculum or examinations, inadequate or lacking facilities or the way in which a letter has been answered.

I want to talk to someone about my compliant

Unsure about someone’s research integrity?

Having doubts about your own approach in your research? Or do you suspect that someone else is manipulating data or sources, presenting results incorrectly, handling data carelessly or is dependent on political or commercial influences, for example?

I want to talk to someone about research integrity

Wrongdoing in the organisation

Do you suspect wrongdoing in the organisation, such as illegal acts or injustice?

I want to talk to someone about wrongdoing

If you are a student and have a request for help other than that described in the situations above, please check the student website for an overview of the counsellors you can turn to.