News Utrecht University

7 September 2015
Research by Utrecht University has found that the roles of installers and SME construction companies in the Netherlands are severely depressed.
Albert Visser
5 September 2015
Visser is one of the foremost logicians of our time. The 'Visser Rules' are named after him.
Collage Universiteitsbibliotheek Uithof en Universiteitsbibliotheek Binnenstad na verbouwing in zomer 2015
3 September 2015
Now the renovations have almost been completed the University Library is ready for the new academic year.
Opening academisch jaar EUR, Beatrice de Graaf - foto: Michelle Muus
1 September 2015
What role does the scientist play, and how can politics and institutional settings facilitate this role?
Recensent voor Vrouwen Bijzondere Collecties
31 August 2015
In the depositories of the University Library a remarkable reader's guide for women, an 18th-century journal, has been recovered. Read all about it now.
Prof. Albert Heck en Prof. Geert-Jan Boons
28 August 2015
The American Chemical Society has honoured prof. Albert Heck en prof. Geert-Jan Boons with prestigious awards.
25 August 2015
On 9 September, Marcel Kooij will defend his dissertation on the influence of telephone contact on therapy adherence in different medication
prof. Roos Masereeuw
18 August 2015
Masereeuw is an expert in the field of renal pharmacology. She leads her field internationally with her research into a bioartificial kidney.
11 August 2015
Scientists have successfully managed to differentiate the ‘roads’ inside the thin endings of nerve cells using superresolution light microscopy.
6 August 2015
Crowdfunding becoming increasingly popular with businesses.
Grensvlak tussen eiwitrijk en koolhydraatrijk water
6 August 2015
By manipulating the surface tension between watery solutions, it is possible to make emulsions of two watery solutions
Detlef van Vuuren
27 July 2015
According to Detlef van Vuuren a maximal global average temperature increase of 2 degrees is an enormous task, but not impossible.
Een van de gestolen manuscripten
24 July 2015
PhD candidate Hüseyin Şen (Mathematics) discovered two 13th-century manuscripts that had been missing from a library in Konya, Turkey
Partnerschap helpt geneesmiddelen van kleine bedrijven de markt op
15 July 2015
The professors will employ innovative digital history methods for research on the development of Dutch drug policies from 1945
UU vlag
14 July 2015
Seven nominations for the Student Awards 2014-2015 have been announced. DThe two winners will be announced at the opening of the new academic year 2015.