News Utrecht University

17 December 2015
No one has ever drilled past the boundary between the earth's crust and mantle.
16 December 2015
Unique international effort to map, monitor and understand landslides and geohazards in Nepal.
v.l.n.r. Timon Knigge, Ragnar Groot Koerkamp en Harry Smit
16 December 2015
Harry Smit, Timon Knigge and Ragnar Groot Koerkamp beat out 92 other teams at the Northwestern Europe Regional Contest.
Casper Hoogenraad
16 December 2015
Cell biologists at Utrecht University have discovered a key protein that serves as the basic element for the intracellular structure of nerve cells.
15 December 2015
U.S.E. student Diederik Stadig won a Cambridge prize for the most 'Distinguished Delegate in ECOWAS'.
15 December 2015
Kasia Karpinska, former PhD candidate at the Utrecht University School of Economics, has recently been elected as the Pole of the Year
Sjon Hartman
14 December 2015
Sjon Hartman, doctoral candidate in Ecophysiology of Plants at the Faculty of Science, won a Science Battle
14 December 2015
The amount of snow and rain in the Himalaya is about twice as high as commonly assumed, concluded an international group of researchers.
Bert Weckhuysen
11 December 2015
Bert Weckhuysen has been invited to join the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts (KVAB).
Zecevic & de Jong
9 December 2015
UU researchers synthesized catalysts with an unprecedented precision. These can be used to produce extremely clean diesel from more sustainable raw materials.
Selfie in Park Transwijk
9 December 2015
The aim of the game is to create a safe and playful way for this vulnerable group to explore the city of Utrecht.
Anke-Hilse Maitland-van der Zee en Aletta Kraneveld
8 December 2015
A European project for research into difficult-to-treat childhood asthma has been honoured with a grant of almost € 1 million
8 December 2015
Researchers at Utrecht University, NIOZ, the University of Gothenburg and the German GEOMAR centre reveal a new part of deep-sea corals' metabolism.
8 December 2015
Recently the Social Impact Bond Buzinezzclub was launched in Utrecht. This initiative targets unemployed youth towards education, work or entrepreneurship.
Dankwoord Bert Weckhuysen tijdens lancering ARC CBBC
7 December 2015
UU Professor Bert Weckhuysen and RUG Professor Ben Feringa founded the project, connecting pioneering research with complex industrial issues