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Roads in the Amazon
Thursday 5 March 2015
Scientists call attention in Current Biology to 9 issues that must be considered to limit the environmental impacts of the ongoing expansion of infrastructure
Kurt VanLehn
Thursday 5 March 2015
At the 379th Dies Natalis of Utrecht University, Computer Sciences Professor Kurt VanLehn will be presented with an honorary doctorate from the university
Monday 2 March 2015
Utrecht University and the World Health Organisation (WHO) will work together to make affordable patent-free medicines possible in developing countries
Thursday 26 February 2015
Utrecht University and Chordify have initiated the development of a new interactive ‘chord edits’ application
Petra de Jongh
Wednesday 25 February 2015
Petra de Jongh has received a ERC grant of 2 million Euros for the development of catalysts for sustainable production of fuels, synthetics and pharmaceuticals