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ERC grant voor André Mischke om opsporing borstkanker te verbeteren
Tuesday 4 March 2014
ERC Grant for Mischke to intensify the detection of breast cancer
Oorsprong ‘middeleeuwse’ zeekaarten weerlegd
Monday 3 March 2014
Origin of 'medieval' sea charts disproven
Raadsel binding ‘chaperonne’ Hsp90 opgelost
Thursday 27 February 2014
After 9 years of research, chemists of UU have solved how one of the most important chaperone proteins in our cells, Hsp90, selects its client proteins.
Petra de Jongh benoemd tot hoogleraar Anorganische Nanomaterialen
Saturday 1 February 2014
Petra de Jongh appointed as Chair of Inorganic Nanomaterials
Verdwijnende sneeuw vergroot opbreekrisico van ijsplaten rondom Antarctica
Thursday 30 January 2014
Disappearing snow increases risk of collapsing ice shelves in Antarctica