Drop by our office anytime and meet our team!
Anjelle, Manager Green Office Utrecht

My name is Anjelle Rademakers and I’m the manager of Green Office Utrecht. I believe that universities play an important role in the sustainable development of our planet. And I believe each and every individual can contribute to this development. I want to make students and staff members see that each idea, however small, is relevant, that passion is contagious and that dreams are often shared by others. I used to study at Utrecht University myself, did my masters in International Development Studies at the faculty of Geosciences and I know by experience, that a paper written for the drawer is a waste of everybody’s time! So use your knowledge and creativity for the greater good and come talk to us!

Tessa, Communications Officer
Portretfoto Tessa Wilmink

I am Tessa Wilmink, Communications Officer at the Green Office Utrecht. After finishing my master’s degree in Communication Sciences I started working as a teacher in higher education. After a couple of years I switched to communications. Working with a passionate, enthusiastic team I think is very inspiring.  I like being part of an organization in which people work together  trying to build a better world and were they give each other space to transform ideas into practice. That is the great thing about the Green Office Utrecht, because that is exactly what happens here. Are you as well full of ideas and are you looking for a place to share them? Feel free to step by at our office for a brainstorm meeting!

Roy, Assistant Manager

I am Roy, former Living Lab Coordinator and now Assistant manager. Sounds fancy, but it actually entails only one major thing: doing all I can to make UU more sustainable! That means we'll have to collaborate with employees and students, recognize valuable ideas, but also to actually do something about it! I've studied Liberal Arts and Sciences with a major in Science and Innovation Management. However, I would like to make sustainability an even bigger part of my master and my life. One of the most important things I've learned during my time at the GOU, nevertheless, is that the majority of the best ideas comes from other people. So: if you want to contribute to a more sustainable UU, and world, let me know!

Sandra, Green Office Host
Sandra GOU

Hi, I’m Sandra and I’m the Host of the Green Office.
I’m originally from France but came to live in the Netherlands 20 years ago. I’ve always loved nature and I find it very unfair the way nature suffers nowadays so I’m very proud to work at the Green Office with people who stand up and give a voice to sustainability.
In the GOU I take care of the plants (there are quite a lot of them) and make sure the Green Office is a nice place for everybody to work in.
I also grow plants for people to take away through the Adopt a Plant project, so if you want to adopt a plant there is one waiting for you in the GOU.


Josep, Project and Volunteer Support
GOU teammember Josep Pinyol

I am Josep Pinyol, responsible for Project and Volunteer Support at the Green Office. I originally come from a small 700 people village in the west of Catalonia. I studied my Bachelor in Geography and Urban Planning in Barcelona and I moved in Utrecht pushed by my interest in becoming a sustainability professional and my curiosity to live abroad. 

I like being in a team that is pushing to make the UU more sustainable. I enjoy supporting students in finding projects that they like and helping them to grow both professionally and personally. I also find it very inspiring to see how students can transform their ideas into projects and, through those projects, change and improve the society.

Do you have an idea, a project or a willingness to participate in an ongoing initiative? Please, step by the Green Office and find me. We will see how can I support you or in which ongoing project you are needed.

Kimmy, Marketing & Outreach

Hi all! I am Kimmy, and the coming year I will represent the Green Office as the marketing and outreach coordinator. I have been living in Utrecht for more than 6 years already and finished my bachelor at Utrecht University, where I will also (hopefully) receive my master's degree in gender studies this year. In my free time I love culinary activities, culture and I read a lot. Next to that I keep myself moving with yoga, longboarding, rollerskating and surfing.

In my daily life I try to be aware of sustainability in the small things: what I wear, what I eat, what I do. I am convinced if everyone contributes a little we can make possible big changes and I hope my time at the Green Office helps towards this. Also you can contribute to change, and the Green Office is here to help. How, what and where I hope to explain to you throughout the coming year by creating more awareness for the Green Office and showing what it could mean to you!

Tamar, Activities Coordinator & Green Impact Officer
Tamar van der Wouden

Hi! My name is Tamar, and I am the activities coordinator at the Green Office. To work here is an absolute dream job: I can not think of any other place where people are so passionate and motivated to work for a better future. Within my role I do not only organize our activities as big and extravagantly as possible, but I also try to work in an interdisciplinary and intersectional way. My personal goal is to bring social sustainability into the spotlights within the Green Office as well as the UU.

Giorgio, Campaign Coordinator
Giorgio Ponte

Hi! I am Giorgio and I am the new green office campaign coordinator! I was born in Italy but I have been living in the Netherlands for the last four years. As a master student in sustainable development with a deep interest for sustainability I have decided to join the green office team to be able to put in practice several skills that I am learning at the university. I am extremely fascinated by the effects that increasing awareness on sustainability through informative campaigns has on people’s daily choices. I believe that university has a leading role in this societal transformation and we has part of it we need to contribute with our knowledge and actions.

Regarding the non academic/ non professional part of me I have a passion for sports and nature. I consider myself as an outdoor sport lover and I love to spend my free time with many different sporty activities such as Bouldering, running, skiing and hiking.  This passion for outdoor life has made me realize how much we should value these beautiful resources so that the future generations could enjoy this beauty as much as we are doing.

Libby, Living Lab Coordinator

In 2014 I started my bachelor Interdisciplinary Social Sciences at the UU and this year I m planning to get my bachelors degree. In August 2017 I, Libby, started as a Living Lab Coordinator at the Green Office. I don’t have to do this alone. I have help from Anouk Talen, the Living Lab Officer. Together we make sure that all the questions handed in by the employees of the UU about sustainability are answered by students. With  the rapport full of advice from the student we going to check out together with the employee how to implemented it and make the university even more sustainable.

The Green Office is for me a place where the policy of the univeristy around sustainability is put to action (made more tangible) together with students. I like to make my friends and family enthusiastic about sustainablity and via the Green Office the public is even a lot bigger. A small change starts with you taking the first step and this is a lot easier with other enthusiastic and motivated people around you.  At Green Office we have a super motivated team that is also very hands on what motivates me to be every day more sustainable. Do you also wanna get motivated or  you have a great plan to make the univeristy an it s students even more sustainble? Join us J