Thrift Shack Educatorium

Are you moving and looking for practical items? Or have you been living here for a while and want to give your room a makeover? The Thrift Shack is the solution. Second-hand is not only good for the environment, it also helps you save money. 

Pick up items

Pick up items throughout the year at the Thrift Shack in Educatorium Restaurant. Check Educatorium's business hours Monday through Friday here. At the Thrift Shack, you'll find mostly kitchenware, pots, pans, books and other gems. All items can be picked up for free!

Why buy second-hand?

In addition to furnishing your room on a tight budget (or even for free if you pick up items from our Thrift Shack), second-hand shopping can help you make your life circular and put less strain on the earth's resources. On this page you can read more about circularity and how Utrecht University deals with it.