Boek 'Paradise and Hell in Islamic Traditions'
10 December 2015
This new book by Christian Lange explores traditions of thinking about the afterlife in Islamic history.
18 October 2015
In her new book, Birgit Meyer explores Ghanaian video culture in relation to Christianity.
CfH archive of video lectures
7 October 2015
A new website devoted to the Centre for the Humanities lectures will be launched this month.
5 October 2015
This volume, edited by Christian Lange, is the first book-length analytic study of the Muslim hell.
24 September 2015
'Muslime im Zwischenkriegseuropa' by Mehdi Sajid, and 'Muslims in Interwar Europe' by Bekim Agai, Umar Ryad and Mehdi Sajid (eds.).
18 September 2015
A volume of studies on open-mindedness with regard to biblical scolarship in honour of Bob Becking.
7 September 2015
In his new book, Peter-Ben Smit examines the role of the biblical canon in the work of several influential theologians.
Albert Visser
5 September 2015
Visser is one of the foremost logicians of our time. The 'Visser Rules' are named after him.
Sextus Empiricus and Ancient Physics
27 August 2015
Keimpe Algra and Katerina Ierodiakonou's book offers a series of in-depth studies on Sextus Empiricus' Against the Physics.
Afbeeldingen van Galenus uit verschillende perioden
3 July 2015
Tieleman receives funding from NWO for his project ‘Human Nature: Medical and Philosophical Perspectives in the Work of Galen of Pergamum’.



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