Martha Frederiks appointed as extraordinary professor at the University of Pretoria

Prof. dr. Martha Frederiks
Prof. Martha Frederiks

Prof. Dr Martha Frederiks (Philosophy and Religious Studies) has been appointed as extraordinary professor from 1 January in the Department Religion Studies, Faculty of Theology and Religion at the University of Pretoria, South Africa. As an expert on inter-religious relations and West African Christianity she will serve in an advisory capacity for the department.


The University of Pretoria appoints extraordinary professors as recognition for their proven expertise and/or their prestigious position in their scientific field.

Current Research

In her research, Frederiks focuses on both historical and more recent developments in Christianity in Africa. She was part of the European Norface research project Recognising Christianity. How African Immigrants redefine the European Religious Heritage (2008-2011). Currently, she is involved in the project Christian Muslim Relations, a bibliographical history 1500-1900 (2013-2022) and the Madina Project (started in 2018).