15 July 2016
This grant enables the young researchers to work on a project of their own for three years.
Bootvluchtelingen ©
5 July 2016
In the series ‘Ethical annotations’, researchers and students of the Ethics Institute are listing all moral considerations linked to refugee admission
22 June 2016
This special issue is based on the European research project 'Iconic Religion', in which Prof. Birgit Meyer is one of the principal investigators.
3 June 2016
Exceptional success for Utrecht University: all five Utrecht candidates have been awarded a PhD position.
20 May 2016
Multi-disciplinary project by Utrecht University in cooperation with Erasmus University Rotterdam and Noordhoff Publishers
First European Muslim Congress (Genève 1935) with almost all participants. Source: Family Archive Mohammed Ali van Beetem -The Netherlands
17 May 2016
Sophie Spaan wrote an article for Foreign Policy about the historical relationship between European citizens and Muslim immigrants.
4 April 2016
In an article on racism and inciting hatred De Groene Amsterdammer referenced the ideas of ethical and political philosopher Dr. Rutger Claassen.
7 March 2016
In their new book, Gerhard Bos and Marcus Düwell explore the implications of our moral responsibilities with regard to the rights of future generations.
26 February 2016
Claassen wrote an advisory report with Ingrid Robeyns for the Centraal Planbureau on how neutrality can be improved in analyses.
23 February 2016
The book 'The end of animal life: a start for ethical debate' helps to deal with the many questions related to the end of animal life.



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