19 February 2016
Ingrid Robeyns and Rutger Claassen wrote 'Economische beleidsanalyses: een filosofische blik’ for the Centraal Plan Bureau.
Prof. dr. Bert van den Brink
5 February 2016
As of 1 August 2016, Bert van den Brink succeeds Barbara Oomen as Dean of University College Roosevelt in Middelburg.
Vrouwelijke hoogleraar voor spiegel
15 January 2016
De Graaf and Robeyns are ranked 3rd and 9th respectively in the top 10 made by Buzzcapture.
Dr. Ugur Ümit Üngör. Foto Jussi Puikkonen/KNAW
15 January 2016
Ugur Ümit Üngör wrote an article for the online platform Caf'ébabel on experiencing the effects of growing a beard as a Muslim man in the Netherlands.
6 January 2016
Subsidies have been awarded to no less than 4 projects: on Europe, early modern language dynamics, medieval science, and emancipation and religion.
Dr. Jesse Mulder
20 December 2015
Jesse Mulder has won the institute's annual Prize Essay Competition. His winning essay will appear in the April issue of Philosophy.
Christmas Light Up at Orchard Road - Photo: Esther N.R. Berg
17 December 2015
Katja Rakow (Religious Studies) studies the annual ‘Christmas Light Up’ festivities at Orchard Road in Singapore.
16 December 2015
Values such as tolerance and pluralism are becoming increasingly important in China, but they are interpreted in a different way than in Western societies.
Boek 'Paradise and Hell in Islamic Traditions'
10 December 2015
This new book by Christian Lange explores traditions of thinking about the afterlife in Islamic history.
18 October 2015
In her new book, Birgit Meyer explores Ghanaian video culture in relation to Christianity.



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