Emma Goldman Award for Ingrid Robeyns

Emma Goldman Award voor Ingrid Robeyns, fotograaf: Klaus Ranger
Ingrid Robeyns receives the Emma Goldman Award. Photographer: Klaus Ranger

Prof. Ingrid Robeyns has been awarded the Emma Goldman Award 2021. The award is given to talented and engaged scholars on feminist and inequality issues in Europe, and are meant to support their research and development.

Economic Inequalities

Since her PhD in 2002 with Amartya Sen, on “Gender inequality: a Capability Perspective”, Ingrid Robeyns has broadened her attention to inequalities related to class (notably: wealth), neurodiversity, and climate change. Trained in economics and philosophy, she has strong interest in feminist economics, economic ethics and economic inequalities. She is finishing the Fair Limits project, which involves a philosophical analysis of limits in the distribution of economic and ecological resources. On this she also published a book in Dutch towards a wider audience, called Rijkdom (wealth). In this book she argues that it is morally objectionable to be excessively rich.

Robeyns also writes for the collective blog Crooked Timber. In the Netherlands, she is also well known for her very visible activism for better working conditions and the reversal of austerity measures at universities.

I am very happy and honoured with this recognition of my work. I hope to use the Emma Goldman Award to write a book, perhaps on the question of the place of work in the good life, and what about the arguments that gender inequalities in paid work are socially problematic.

Emma Goldwin Award

The Emma Goldman Awards is awarded yearly to between 5 and 10 selected excellent candidates. The nominees can spend the awards according to their own research plans, provided they fall within the remit of the aims of the Flax Foundation and they are agreed upon by the Board of the Foundation.