19 November 2019
Recently, the Open Access platform StreamGram was launched, developed by the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS, Roberta D'Alessandro and others.
19 November 2019
Last month, De Gruyter published 'Early Printed Narrative Literature in Western Europe', edited by Bart Besamusca, Elisabeth de Bruijn and Frank Willaert.
Bron: Flickr/Julia Hawkins
8 November 2019
Ann Rigney wrote a blog about the history of protests on the newly launched website of Remembering Activism: The Cultural Memory of Protest in Europe.
Prof.dr. W.P. Gerritsen
28 October 2019
On Thursday the 24th of October, emeritus professor Wim Gerritsen passed away unexpectedly. He was 84.
Foto: Flickr/dalderson
24 October 2019
This special issue of the Journal of Perpetrator Research adresses the role of photography in depictions of and by perpetrators of political violence.
The winners of the 2019 OSL Awards are Marieke Winkler and Tom Idema. Source:
21 October 2019
Each year The Netherlands Research School for Literary Studies (OSL) rewards two members with an award for the publication of an excellent book and article.
17 October 2019
Last month, Brill published "Ambitious Antiquities, Famous Forebears" by Prof. Karl Enenkel and Prof. Koen Ottenheym.
7 October 2019
This volume explores the challenges and possibilities of research into the European dimensions of popular print culture.
6 September 2019
Amsterdam University Press recently published "The Life of Texts" by Kiene Brillenburg Wurth and Ann Rigney.
24 June 2019
Two Utrecht University projects from have received a funding from the NWO programme PHDs in the Humanities.
Avin Ghedri en minister Ingrid van Engelshoven
17 June 2019
Awards for extraordinary academic achievements and social involvement
6 June 2019
In June the book 'My Mother's Mother's Mother' will be published by Leiden University Press.
J.J.R. Tolkien (1892-1973)
27 May 2019
We spoke with Frank Brandsma and Dan Hassler-Forest about the new movie, and the life and work of Tolkien.
15 May 2019
In the Netherlands the name Khaleesi was given ten times since Game of Thrones premiered.
Prof. dr. Hans van de Velde. Foto: Jacob van Essen
13 May 2019
On 1 May 2019, Hans Van de Velde has been appointed professor of 'Sociolinguistics, with special attention to the language situation in Fryslân'.
5 April 2019
In January 'BRILL' published 'The Idea of Beauty in Italian Literature and Language', a book by Harald Hendrix , Philiep Bossier and Claudio Di Felice.
Stonewall Inn, a gay bar on Christopher Street in Manhattan's Greenwich Village. A 1969 police raid here led to the Stonewall riots, one of the most important events in the history of LGBT rights.  Bron: Wikimedia/Rhododendrites
5 April 2019
He will be based in Utrecht as of 1 September 2019 and will work together with Ann Rigney’s ERC research group on the cultural memory of activism.
25 March 2019
Tessa van Charldorp identifies bottlenecks in the field of hospital communication.
Malvolio and the Countess (Twelfth Night, or What You Will by Shakespeare) by Caniel Maclise (1806-1870). Bron: Wikimedia
8 March 2019
The new international academic programme NEW FACES asks the question what we can learn from Shakespeare’s world about the current crisis in Europe.
Prof. dr. Aoju Chen. Foto: Ivar Pel
5 March 2019
Aoju Chen is involved in the research 'Where do I belong?' within the strategic theme Dynamics of Youth of Utrecht University.



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