Ted Sanders new Vice Rector of Research

Prof. dr. Ted Sanders. Foto: Ed van Rijswijk
Ted Sanders

As of June 1st, 2024, Professor Ted Sanders will be appointed to the position of Vice Rector of Research at Utrecht University. He is Professor of Dutch language use and discourse studies at the Faculty of Humanities, and Vice Dean of Research and Impact in the Faculty Board since September 2022. In addition, since 2018, he is the chair of the Graduate Committee of Utrecht University, which brings together the graduate schools. Ted Sanders will succeed Frank Miedema as Vice Rector of Research, who retired in September 2023.

Together with the Vice Rector of Teaching & Learning (Manon Kluijtmans), the Vice Rector of Research represents Utrecht University and its interests in international networks - especially in the context of LERU and the Coimbra Group. Sanders will remain the chair of the Graduate Committee.

Combining the vice-rectorate of Research with the chairmanship of the Graduate Committee is a deliberate choice. This will allow Ted Sanders to further strengthen the focus on the development of young researchers.

In addition to international representation and advocacy, as Vice Rector, Sanders will also be responsible for some key research strategy and policy issues:

  • The development of young researchers
    PhD students and postdocs are crucial groups within the university community and are vital to the future and innovation of research and education. Utrecht University wants to be of great significance for the professional development of all these young researchers.
  • Research quality assurance
    Utrecht University encourages interdisciplinary collaboration, Team Science, Recognition & Rewards and Open Science. These developments have major implications for the operationalization of research quality. The Vice Rector of Research is an important linking pin in the policy-making and advice in this area.

The Executive Board has decided to appoint Sanders for four years. He will resign his position as Vice Dean in the Faculty of Humanities.