News Utrecht University

Dr. Madelon Maurice en Dr. Stefan Rüdiger
16 March 2016
Results of a study by Stefan Rüdiger, Madelon Maurice c.s. published in Nature Structural and Molecular Biology
Gezond en gelukkig
15 March 2016
Young people in the Netherlands and across Europe are increasingly refraining from smoking, drinking, using cannabis and having sex.
De vier vertegenwoordigers van de bedrijven, met rechts CEO Hugo Sigman van mAbXience
9 March 2016
WHO, Utrecht University, mAbXience, Libbs, Medigen and SPIMACO sign agreement for unique cooperation.
Docent en leerlingen tijdens een scheikundepracticum
9 March 2016
Flexible teacher training programmes to appeal to new groups of potential teachers.
3 March 2016
Utrecht University’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has developed DNA tests to track genetic nerve disorders in the kooikerhondje and the Frisian stabij.
2 March 2016
Sarah Carmichael and Selin Dilli made a global long-term analysis of factors determining the societal position of women.
2 March 2016
Utrecht researchers clarify structure of key protein in coronaviruses
Prof. dr. Ingrid Robeyns
1 March 2016
Professor of Ethics Ingrid Robeyns contributes to the # ikschrijf debate in philosophy blog Bij Nader Inzien.
1 March 2016
In this opinion piece labour economics Professor Joop Schippers argues that policymakers must address old and new problems.
29 February 2016
Arguments about climate change are unpersuasive in the public debate surrounding Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS).
29 February 2016
Researchers have discovered the mutation causing hydrocephalus (water on the brain) in Friesian horses.
26 February 2016
Utrecht University is the only Dutch participant in this international project in which students develop social media campaigns against extremism.
23 February 2016
Rashmi Sasidharan received a STW grant of 800,000 Euros to identify new possibilities for sustainable management of the aggressive rice weed Cyperus rotundus.
23 February 2016
The book 'The end of animal life: a start for ethical debate' helps to deal with the many questions related to the end of animal life.
22 February 2016
Researchers from Utrecht University have succeeded in visualising the mechanisms that regulate tissue regeneration in the intestine.