News Utrecht University

19 February 2016
Knowledge of complex systems is sorely underutilised, say researchers including Utrecht University epidemiologist Prof. Hans Heesterbeek.
18 February 2016
Utrecht University performed contract research for the European Commission the use of Electronic Monitoring in Europe.
18 February 2016
As of November 2015, Allard Mosk was appointed as Professor of Physics of Light in Complex Systems at the Debye Institute for Nanomaterials
In een optocht van zes shovels werden de rails naar hun plek vervoerd (Foto: Uithoflijn)
17 February 2016
Work on the tram reaches the Utrecht Science Park De Uithof.
Judith Leyster, Zelfportret achter ezel, ca. 1633. Bron: Wikimedia Commons
12 February 2016
NWO awards 3.6 million euros to the project ‘Golden Agents: Creative Industries and the Making of the Dutch Golden Age’.
11 February 2016
In order to better advise and inform students, lecturers and researchers about copyright, an online Copyright Information Office has been set up.
9 February 2016
A new technology: formulating words through measuring changes in the size of the eye’s pupil.
Prof. dr. Bert van den Brink
5 February 2016
As of 1 August 2016, Bert van den Brink succeeds Barbara Oomen as Dean of University College Roosevelt in Middelburg.
Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam. Foto: Wikimedia Commons/Amsterdam Municipal Department for the Preservation and Restoration of Historic Buildings and Sites (bMA)
4 February 2016
De Graaf is one of the nine guest curators who arranges room in the Pop-Up Museum of De Wereld Draait Door.
Lancering NCOH
4 February 2016
Edith Schippers, Dutch Minister of Health, Welfare and Sports, has opened this Netherlands Centre for One Health (NCOH) on 4 February.
Frauke Ohl
4 February 2016
The world stood still when we heard that our beloved colleague Frauke Ohl had passed away on 28 January at the far too young age of 50.
28 January 2016
Het digitaal archief van The Times is nu toegankelijk via zoeksystemen van de Universiteitsbibliotheek Utrecht.
27 January 2016
To launch their more intensive collaboration, Utrecht University, NIOZ and NWO have ‘cast off’ and are steaming ahead together.
Marijn van Huis
27 January 2016
Two million Euros for being the first to produce live atomic-level resolution images of how nanomaterials are formed in a solution.
Prof. Ieke Moerdijk
27 January 2016
Ieke Moerdijk is looking forward to working with new young colleagues and bringing together different users of mathematics across the university