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Student met vlag van Universiteit Utrecht
15 July 2019
NWO has awarded a Veni grant up to 250,000 euros to 23 highly promising young scientists from Utrecht.
Apollo 11-astronaut Edwin Aldrin op de maan. Bron: NASA
15 July 2019
Fifty years after the moon landing, experts from Utrecht University look back on the historic moment.
Universiteit Utrecht, Forensische Diergeneeskunde
10 July 2019
Vets are increasingly being asked to provide their expertise when animals die unexpectedly.
Nepalese vrouw verbouwt groenten. Credits: IgorChus via iStock.
9 July 2019
129 million farmers depend on meltwater from the Himalayan glaciers. This is shown by research from Wageningen University & Research and Utrecht University.
8 July 2019
Utrechts scientists set up research through Twitter and discovered that a tiny virus lives in the gut of humans around the world.
Wilde dieren, Hermann van der Moolen, 1843 - ca. 1920
1 July 2019
ATHENA is a portal in development in which an enormous amount of information on biodiversity in the Netherlands is compiled.
europese vlag
26 June 2019
The European Commission has announced the higher education institutions that will be part of the first “European Universities” alliances.
Prof. dr. Bas van Bavel.
21 June 2019
Economic historian professor Bas van Bavel has received the NWO Spinoza Prize of 2.5 million euros, the highest scientific distinction in the Netherlands.
20 June 2019
Among other things, Nijboer receives the award for the virtual supermarket that she developed as a diagnostic tool for people with brain damage.
20 June 2019
Today, Utrecht University and Rabobank presented an update on the Better Well-Being Index (BWI) 2019.