News Utrecht University

19 September 2019
Crops still have the genes required to survive flooding, but they seem to have lost the ability to activate these genes, like rice does.
Entrepreneurial Minds Chris Eveleens
19 September 2019
The Centre for Entrepreneurship inspires by showcasing the entrepreneurial minds within Utrecht University. This edition: dr. Chris Eveleens.
13 September 2019
“Non-standard astrolabes were basically 11th century gadgets,” says Pouyan Rezvani, who defends his PhD thesis on 25 September.
Business Incubation
10 September 2019
Chris Eveleens focused his PhD research on the structural contribution of business incubation to the performance of startups.
Farmaciestudente Dalal Ghanim genomineerd voor UAF-Award
10 September 2019
Pharmacy student Dalal Ghanim from Utrecht is one of the seven nominees for the UAF Award
9 September 2019
Utrecht research will contribute in developing fungus-based bricks that make building materials more sustainable and self-repairing.
6 September 2019
With this new educational concept, the synergy between health care, research and bachelor's education is being worked on.
Vlag faculteiten
6 September 2019
Seven projects received a Partnership Collaboration Award. These awards are an initiative of the University of Sydney and Utrecht University.
Ole Pedersen
5 September 2019
Utrecht scientists have discovered how plants can quickly detect that they are under water when flooded and initiate processes that prevents them from drowning.
4 September 2019
In a publication in Science Advances, the researchers show a large regional difference between melt in North and South Greenland.