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Recycling belt
20 November 2019
Pathways to Sustainability is developing a new hub on all relevant aspects of our progress towards a circular economy.
19 November 2019
Before we can deploy natural systems as a defence against the rising sea level, we first need to know how climate-resilient they are, Tjeerd Bouma argues.
19 November 2019
The research project, Contesting Governance, is pleased to be able to financially support students for the purpose of conducting their research.
15 November 2019
The Utrecht plant scientist Ronald Pierik was in the Philippines for field experiments with rice.
8 November 2019
The video of the Professor F. de Vries lecture with Esther Duflo, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, is now online.
Bron: Flickr/Julia Hawkins
8 November 2019
Ann Rigney wrote a blog about the history of protests on the newly launched website of Remembering Activism: The Cultural Memory of Protest in Europe.
logo NWO
8 November 2019
The consortium is to receive 5.4 million euros. Sanli Faez (Physics) is leading one of the six projects in the consortium.
6 November 2019
Utrechtse plantenwetenschappers en bioinformatici krijgen bijna 1 miljoen euro toegekend voor een onderzoeksproject naar de ziekteverwekker van spinazie.
Dong Nguyen and Niko Wanders
5 November 2019
Hydrologist Niko Wanders and information scientist Dong Nguyen have been awarded the Early Career Award of the KNAW
Desk with pile of publications and laptop
5 November 2019
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