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20 March 2019
Hoogleraren van de Universiteit Utrecht stappen op woensdagochtend 27 maart in hun toga op de fiets naar verschillende basisscholen in Utrecht.
19 March 2019
The Utrecht Incentive Fund selected five projects for innovation of education.
Wapperende vlaggen met het logo van de Universiteit Utrecht
18 March 2019
Information and updates of Utrecht University on the Kanaleneiland Incident on 18 March 2019.
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18 March 2019
The consortia that are still in the running have now each been awarded one million euros to develop more detailed plans.
Annie van Leerzem en haar vader
18 March 2019
Ms Johanna Alida van Leerzem left her entire estate, with a value of 1.2 million Euros, to the university where she studied medicine in the 1950s.
14 March 2019
Margot Koster, associate professor in biology, is nominated for the title of national Lecturer of the Year.
11 March 2019
Utrecht University researchers are publishing a Perspective article on the status quo of ‘Power to Methane’ today in Nature Catalysis.
Remco Veltkamp
11 March 2019
Games for good? Prof. Game en Media Technology Remco tells how children can be stimulated by interactive games and how growing up improves.
Oranje Buttons met Open Access Logo
11 March 2019
The most recent scientific articles from the Rectores Magnifici of Dutch universities will soon be available online for free.
Wilco Hazeleger
11 March 2019
As of 1 July 2019, the Executive Board of Utrecht University has appointed Prof. Wilco Hazeleger as the new Dean of the Faculty of Geosciences.
8 March 2019
Women who opt for a job in engineering report a greater degree of identity threat because of their femininity.
8 March 2019
As of 1 March, Yannis Velegrakis has been appointed as Professor of ‘Very Large Data Management’ at the department of Information and Computing Sciences.
Docentenprijzen 2019
7 March 2019
Niels Bovenschen (Biomedical Sciences) wins the 2019 Outstanding Teacher Award. Marij Swinkels (Public Governance and Management) was chosen as teacher talent.
7 March 2019
A large delegation of Dutch polar and marine researchers has signed a letter of intent to collaborate with the Alfred Wegener Institute in Bremerhaven.
7 March 2019
Philippe Delandmeter and Ramon Oord took part in a scientific cruise of our strategic partner NIOZ.