News Utrecht University

6 March 2019
A private fund is granting protein chemist Stefan Rüdiger 250,000 euros for fundamental research on Huntington's disease.
6 March 2019
Researchers, stakeholders, and other interested parties can submit a proposal for a small project on Water, Climate, and Future Deltas.
5 March 2019
Rosemarie Buikema, Katrine Smiet, and Berteke Waaldijk talk about unheard stories, historiography, and the enslaved Sojourner Truth.
Prof. dr. Aoju Chen. Foto: Ivar Pel
5 March 2019
Aoju Chen is involved in the research 'Where do I belong?' within the strategic theme Dynamics of Youth of Utrecht University.
Foto: Theodoor Steen
4 March 2019
This exhibition is intended to make people think about inequality in the field of gender and race.
4 March 2019
Mini kidney developed from urine cells could lead to a wide range of new treatments that are less onerous for kidney patients
Annelies Zoomers
1 March 2019
The NWO Executive board has appointed Prof. Annelies Zoomers as chair of the Steering Committee of WOTRO Science for Global Development
28 February 2019
Geologist Fransesco Salese from Utrecht University has found indications that ground water was once present on Mars.
27 February 2019
How do we get children with chronic fatigue syndrome to play with their peers? Paediatrician Sanne Nijhof about serious games and more.
26 February 2019
Dr. Anne-Rigt Poortman is awarded a grant of 1,5 million euros by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).
Logo NWO van Veni, Vidi, Vici
26 February 2019
Physics researcher Rembert Duine will receive 1.5 million euros from NWO for his project 'Fluid electronics'.
25 February 2019
Utrecht University researcher Tarek AlSkaif awarded grant to develop a peer-to-peer energy trading platform guaranteeing a reliable decentralised energy grid.
20 February 2019
In his lecture at the Royal Institution in London, Bert Weckhuysen explains how catalysis research can contribute to a cleaner world.
20 February 2019
For the first time, the therapy-compliance of chronically ill teenagers has been investigated. A smartphone app helps them take their medicine correctly.
Lage waterstand Waal
20 February 2019
Global warming of 2°C will cause more extreme hydrological situations on earth, Utrecht University and KNMI researchers conclude.