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15 January 2019
Jacobse has been awarded the grant by NWO for a two-year research visit to University of California, Berkeley (USA).
Duikers en bouwvakkers installeren het plastic op het geraamte van de walvis
14 January 2019
The Skyscraper whale, brought here by Utrecht University, draws attention to the waste problem of plastic in seas and rivers.
14 January 2019
Inaugural lecture Prof. Kirsten ten Tusscher
11 January 2019
The use of cobalt to catalyze the conversion of natural gas lowers the emission of carbon dioxide in part of the reaction from 50 per cent to nearly zero.
9 January 2019
The Netherlands would do well to learn from Angela Merkel's migration policy and the Israeli cybersecurity approach.
Elma Blom
9 January 2019
Many people think that children are fully-automatic language sponges. That's not true. And multilingualism isn't a problem for children.
8 January 2019
Erik van Sebille, an expert in the area of plastic soup and ocean currents, and Niko Wanders, a drought expert, have both won the UU Publi Prize.
Uitreiking van de Diversity & Inclusion Award aan Richard Horenberg (Platform Onbeperkt Studeren)
8 January 2019
During the New Year's reception of the Executive Board the President of the Platform Unhindered Studying, received the very first Diversity & Inclusion Award.
Erosie van het strand bij Cancun
2 January 2019
Seagrass beds are so effective in protecting tropical beaches from erosion, that they can reduce the need for expensive beach nourishments that are used now.
Werknemer monteert zonnepanelen op het dak van de Universiteit Utrecht.
2 January 2019
Solar panel yield in the Netherlands was 10-25% higher than expected, according to calculations by Utrecht University.
21 December 2018
The same protein that keeps plants from blooming in winter also helps them survive during floods.
Hajo Reijers
20 December 2018
Reijers' research and education is focused on business process management, data analytics and conceptual modeling.
20 December 2018
“Policies should ensure that medicines are optimally accessible, but sometimes have unwanted side effects”
20 December 2018
On the occasion of this time of year, Ana Ros Camacho, mathematician at Utrecht University, sheds some light on the appearance of these delicate little things.
18 December 2018
Open Science, what is that again? And wat happened in 2018, that is to change the landscape of academic research in 2019 forever?