Video: working with migrants

The Future of Work

Like many other European countries, the Netherlands has staff shortages in many fields. How do you attract people who want to work here? How do you ensure they use their full knowledge and potential? With the war in Ukraine, new refugees can enter the workforce in host countries. Marcel Lubbers and Verena Seibel share findings from recent research and give practical tips for HR professionals and policy makers in this video of the Future of Work hub.

Marcel Lubbers is professor of Interdisciplinary Social Science at Utrecht University and leads the European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations (ECOMER). Dr. Verena Seibel is an Assistant Professor at the Utrecht University, her research is focused on the processes of migrants' adaptation to the host society.

In the Future of Work hub Seminar Series researchers from the Future of Work hub of Utrecht University give their view on a current theme based on scientific research. The Future of Work Hub is a platform where Utrecht University scientists from different disciplines, together with, organisations and policy makers collaborate on answering questions about the changing nature of work.