Do we all benefit from the changes in work? Or do some benefit more than others?

The nature of work is changing; innovation, digitalization, and globalisation impact people’s working lives. This societal challenge offers opportunities and poses risks to the organisation of work. Society as a whole may benefit from them, but at the same time we face the challenge of a looming divide (by gender, age, social class or ethnic background) in which some will benefit more than others in their work, job prospects and work-life balance.

Future of Work is a platform where scientists, organisations and policy makers can collaborate on answering questions about the causes and consequences of ongoing innovation and globalisation for individuals’ working lives, organisations, markets and public institutions, with high visibility in societal and policy debates.

The platform is part of Institutions for Open Societies, one of the four areas of research expertise that mark Utrecht University.

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    • Pop-Up Meeting: Transitions to Work

      The Transitions to Work pop-up meeting is an opportunity to come together and meet an international expert, to explore potential for collaboration.
    • The Future of Democracy

      Across the world, democratic institutions are under pressure. We gladly invite you to the 'Institutions for Open Societies Community Day' to think about and discuss this topic with us: What is the future of democracy? How can we reinvigorate formal and informal rules, organizations and networks to safeguard and strengthen democratization?