Ton van den Brink appointed full Professor of EU Legislative Studies

Legislation has become an increasingly important part of EU law and has undergone transformative changes over the years. To date, however, this has been insufficiently acknowledged in education and research.

With the establishment of the chair in EU Legislative Studies, Utrecht University seeks to change this. The UU Executive Board has appointed Ton van den Brink as full professor to this chair, starting August 1. Van den Brink is associate professor, Jean Monnet Professor of EU Legislative Studies (since 2019), member of the board of the Utrecht Research Centre for Shared Regulation and Enforcement in Europe (RENFORCE) and director of the LL.M. programme in European Law.

The aim of this chair is to study and to better understand the increasingly multifaceted phenomenon of legislation in the EU. The activities of the Chair focus on the incorporation of EU law into national legal orders and on the position of the EU legislature vis-à-vis the EU’s executive branch and the Court of Justice. The constitutional foundations and the democratic embedding of the legislative power in the EU are equally key elements.