Prof. mr. dr. A. (Ton) van den Brink

Prof. mr. dr. A. (Ton) van den Brink

International and European Law
+31 30 253 6728

Ton van den Brink is full professor as well as Jean Monnet professor of EU legislative studies and member of the board of Utrecht Centre of Shared Regulation and enforcement in Europe (RENFORCE). He leads the LL.M. program in EU law and chairs the departmental committee for LL.M. programs. His research focuses on EU legislative issues, such as EU Better lawmaking policies, national discretion in EU legislation, the role of parliaments en legislation in specific areas of EU law, such as Economic and Monetary Union (EMU). EU legislative principles, such as subsidiarity and proportionality, are equally part of his research interests. 

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As a Jean Monnet professor, (funded by the European Union 2019-2022), he integrates the study of legislation in the EU (including the national dimension thereof) into his teachings at the bachelor's level; in the LLM in EU law; in the MA European governance; in the Ius commune PhD Research School and in education for professionals, including the Academie voor Wetgeving. These teaching activities are sustained by research in the context of the Utrecht Centre for Regulation and Enforcement in Europe RENFORCE, more specifically its project "Legislation in an EU Context" EULEG.


EU Legislative Studies
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