23 June 2017

Report seminar 'Participatory Urban Interfaces'

1-Delaram Ashtari, 2-Moozhan Shakeri, 3-Gabriele Ferri, 4-Sjors Martens
1-Delaram Ashtari, 2-Moozhan Shakeri, 3-Gabriele Ferri, 4-Sjors Martens

How can technologies play a role in shaping urban culture as well as urban culture research? This question served as the main guideline for the Participatory Urban Interfaces seminar held on 14 June in Utrecht. A report of this afternoon was published by [urban interfaces].

The seminar was sponsored by Utrecht University's focus area Game Research and organised by Dr Michiel de Lange (Media and Performance) and Sjors Martens (Media and Performance) and the Center for the Study of Digital Games and Play. The full report can be read on the website of [urban interfaces].


During the seminar visiting scholars Delaram Ashtari and Moozhan Shakeri presented their research on the role of technology in Tehran and the critical questioning of urban planning respectively. Furthermore, Gabriele Ferri (University of Applied Science in Amsterdam) discussed a design method which gives cities a big role and Sjors Martens gave a critique on the current practices of urban game design. Master and research master students, PhD students, teachers and professors from the Netherlands, Iran, Spain and England came to explore how technological city crashers must be dealt with.