Honours Teaching Course successfully completed

Plakkaat: Proud member of the Utrecht University Honours Community.

On 14 January 2022, ten lecturers received their certificate for the successful completion of the Honours Teaching Course. The course focuses on the further professionalisation of teachers in honours didactics.

Programmes for honours students require a different way of guiding and teaching: students get to work with their own ideas and plans and want to be challenged and involved. In order to come forward with their own questions and carry out their own projects, it is important that a lecturer can give students confidence and freedom. Investing in talented students therefore also means investing in the lecturers.

It is up to the lecturer to get to know who the honours students are and which way of teaching suits them. During the course, participants work on their own project in which what they learn is immediately translated into their own honours practice. Participants can learn with and from each other by jointly deepening their understanding of honours teaching and thus develop into a network of lecturer-experts with a vision of honour programmes within Utrecht University.

This year, too, participants were very satisfied with the course and enjoyed networking with lecturers form other parts of the university. The ten lecturers who received their certificate for the course this year are: Cedric Thieulot (Geosciences), Coco Kanters (Humanities), Hanneke van Eijken (REBO), Heleen Mees (Geosciences), Ioanne Lykourentzou (Science), Jeroen Vermeulen (REBO), René Verburg (Geosciences), Ortal-Paz Saar (Humanities), Staphanie Kruiper (Social and Behavioural Sciences) en Gilliana Bezemer (Honours College).

Are you interested in participating in this course? Read more about this course here and send an email to cat@uu.nl to show your interest. The course is organised by the Centre for Academic Teaching and Learning in collaboration with the UU Honours College (Honours Dean Stephanie Rosenkranz) and Educational Development & Training (Hanne ten Berge and Arjan van Tilborg). At this moment, it is yet unknown when the next course will start.

Special Interest Groups Honours Teaching
Honours lecturers also have the opportunity to participate in the SIG Honours Teaching. The aim of this Special Interest Groups is to exchange educational ideas, discuss what honours education means and build a university-wide honours community. The honours community of Utrecht University, consisting of lecturers as well as students can also be followed via Facebook.