Hans Oerlemans receives Richardson Medal from International Glaciological Society

Hans Oerlemans maakt aantekeningen op een gletsjer. Foto: Astrid Van Wesenbeeck
Hans Oeremans taking notes at a glacier. Photo: Astrid Van Wesenbeeck (CC BY-SA 2.0)

The International Glaciological Society has awarded the 2019 Richardson Medal to Professor Emeritus of Meteorology Hans Oerlemans. The IGS especially highlights Oerlemans’ important contribution to the glaciological community: the Karthaus summer school on Ice Sheets and Glaciers in the Climate System.

It is through Hans’ dedication and hard work that early-career glaciologists have for decades have been able to attend this unique training experience. Undoubtedly, the existence of the Karthaus summer school has been and will continue to be of great benefit to the glaciological community.

Oerlemans reacts to the news with great joy: “It is really a recognition of the Karthaus Summer School as THE master class in the field of ice and climate.” He is adamant to share the honour with those around him. “Even though the medal has been awarded to me, it is above all the merit of all the teachers who have worked hard over the years. And of course the great support of the IMAU, both financially and in terms of human resources. Over the past 24 years, more than 600 PhD candidates have visited, and we will continue!”

Informal atmosphere

The IGS praises not only the educational aspect of Karthaus. “At the heart of the summer school is the informal atmosphere that is in complete accordance with Hans’s own personality. The unique environment inspires participants to interact and discuss science, life and of course music. Hans has shown generations of glaciologists that succeeding in science can go hand in hand with musical prowess. Certainly, demonstrating and encouraging this diversity of skills has strengthened the scientific culture of the glaciological community.”

In addition to Utrecht University, the Netherlands Earth System Science Centre, Bolin Centre for Climate Research (Stockholm) and Alfred-Wegener-Institute (Bremerhaven) are also organising partners of the Karthaus summer school.