Faculty Open Science Team, the next step in the realization of Open Science

To shape the transition to Open Science within the faculties, a Faculty Open Science Team (FOST) was recently set up within each faculty. The Faculty Open Science Team is important for the horizontal and vertical connection between university and faculty and forms a bridge to the Open Science Programme. University-wide strategic open science-principles will have to be translated into the specific context of the faculty.

The FOST will play an important role in this by playing an advisory role towards the Faculty Board, and by initiating actions in the faculty. The Faculty Open Science Team is composed of at least one Fellow per open science track, together with the member of the UU Open Science Platform and the Faculty Ambassador of the Open Science Community.

The team is chaired by the dean. On the initiative of the Dean, the composition of the team, in addition to the aforementioned members, can be completed as needed. The members of the FOSTs will be published on the Open Science website shortly.

Tranisiton to Open Science - Faculty Open Science Team composition

Faculty Open Science Team composition - download scheme as pdf.