What can be done in a building depends on the specific situation per department and building. You can contact your faculty or service department for this particular information. See this page for the current opening hours of all university buildings.

For students: You will find all opening hours and available study places at the website for students.

Ventilation in buildings

We follow the RIVM guidelines (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) regarding ventilation.

If you work or study in a room where the window can be opened, open it or leave it ajar. Is there a ventilation grid above the window? Then leave it open.

Advice: If possible, avoid using devices that produce a strong airflow, such as fans and air-conditioning units, in a communal room.

The RIVM emphasises that ventilation in buildings must comply with the legal requirements, as laid down in the Building Decree. In new buildings and renovations, the UU applies stricter requirements than those laid down in the Buildings Decree for office and teaching rooms. If, in an exceptional case, a room does not comply with the Buildings Decree, it is closed. In some buildings, such as the Hans Freudenthal building, the windows must be open to ensure sufficient ventilation. In the drop-down menu below you will find a complete list of buildings in which the windows must be ajar.

Ventilation in the UU buildings takes place in various ways. Very visible ways are through a window or a ventilation grid above a window. If a room does not have a ventilation grid or a window that you can open, that in itself is not a reason for concern. It just means that we ventilate the room in a different way. All UU ventilation systems bring in fresh air from outside.