Sustainable energy

Facilitating the energy transition in energy intensive industries

This research project aims at identifying and understanding energy transition issues and opportunities for innovation from a governance, legal and economic perspective. In this project we will both employ a retrospective as well as an onward looking perspective into these issues in order to suggest instruments to facilitate the energy transition in the power and energy intensive industry.



The power and energy intensive industries present substantial challenges in the transition towards more sustainable energy because of the large quantities of energy consumed, the fossil resources of this energy and, therefore, the amount of CO2 emissions. Through societal and political awareness of this issue, these sectors are increasingly pressured to make considerable changes to the ways they consume and generate energy.

Social, legal and economic research into these two industries and their connection to each other, the energy system at large and renewable energy is lagging behind other research aspects of the energy transition, such as technical research, consumer behaviour and market regulation. Research has only just begun to uncover the complexities of these two industries and, insofar as it exists, mainly focuses on China and Germany.


Project affiliated Postdoctoral Researcher

School of Governance

Regulation of Innovation

Sustainable energy is one of the three research domains of Regulation of Innovation. This is a subsidiary theme of Resilient Societies, a multidisciplinary research theme of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance.