a small painting of two proteins interacting with terminal beta sheets on a blue background.
Protein Research Centre

The Protein Research Centre is an expertise platform for protein research at Utrecht University. Providing a shared lab space for protein production, purification and characterisation. Access is available for state-of-the-art equipment for all life science researchers.


Biophysical Analysis

  • Fida 1 by Fidabio

    Fida 1 (Flow Induced Dispersion Analysis) by FidaBio

  • Clariostar Plate Reader

    Clariostar Plus (Fluorescence, Luminescence & Absorbance Plate Reader) by Isogen Life Sciences

  • Nanotemper Monolith

    Monolith (Microscale Thermophoresis) by NanoTemper

  • Nanotemper Prometheus Panta

    Prometheus Panta (Dynamic Light Scattering & Nano Differential Scanning Fluorimetry) by NanoTemper

Protein Purification


The Protein Research Centre is located at the Hugo R. Kruyt Building, on the east wing at the 8th floor. 

Padualaan 8,
3584 CH Utrecht

For questions, training and booking, please contact Renée Koopman:
Email: e.r.koopman@uu.nl
Phone nr.: 030 253 6454