7 February 2014
Researchers from the Department of Economic and Social History of Utrecht University have digitalised the Amsterdam premarriage records (1581-1811).
Bas van Bavel, foto UU/Ed van Rijswijk
18 December 2013
As of 1 January 2014, Prof. Bas van Bavel is appointed Faculty Professor. His chair is titled Transitions of economy and society.
Geschiedenis van Zeeland deel 3: 1700-1850 - Paul Brusse & Arno Neele
29 October 2013
The third volume in the 'Geschiedenis van Zeeland' series, coauthored by Paul Brusse and Arno Neele, is recently published.
Colonial Exploitation and Economic Development - Ewout Frankema en Frans Buelens (red.)
27 September 2013
This book discusses the comparative legacy of colonial rule in the Netherlands Indies and Belgian Congo during the 19th and 20th centuries.
Cities of Commerce. Oscar Gelderblom
21 August 2013
In 'Cities of Commerce' Gelderblom describes a model for institutional changes in the European trade, based on the rivalry between cities.



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