Jan Luiten van Zanden en Maarten Prak, Nederland en het poldermodel
26 February 2013
In this book Maarten Prak and Jan Luiten van Zanden trace the emergence and the influence of the typically Dutch 'poldermodel'.
Geschiedenis van Zeeland, deel 2: van 1550 tot 1700 - Arno Neele & Paul Brusse
15 November 2012
Recently the second volume in the series 'Geschiedenis van Zeeland' has been published.
24 September 2012
A selection of essays on how culture contributed to the blurring of ideological boundaries between the East and the West during the period of the Iron Curtain.
Geschiedenis van Zeeland, deel 1: prehistorie tot 1550 (Paul Brusse)
7 September 2012
A four-volume publication on the history of Zeeland, coordinated by Utrecht University (Dr Paul Brusse) and the Stichting Historisch Onderzoek Zeeland.
ERC Starting Grant for Ewout Frankema and Rick Nouwen
27 August 2012
Linguist Rick Nouwen and historian Ewout Frankema have received a ERC Starting Grant to establish a research line in the upcoming five years.



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